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Beydağ Kurumsal



Our company entered the textile industry in 1992 in Kahramanmaraş, the most important yarn region of Turkey, with the production of open-end yarn obtained from the mixture of recycled cotton and polyester fiber. Regenerated polyester used as fiber is obtained from recycled pet bottles, and regenerated cotton is obtained from the waste of fabrics used in apparel manufacturing. This means a very important environmental awareness, both by saving money and by turning the unnecessary fabric wastes in the garments into fiber by opening them in nail and knife openers called healing.

Our company produces an average of 300 tons of blended regenerated yarn per month in Ne 10/1,20/1 and 30/1 yarn thicknesses. A circular knitting investment was made in 2004 in order to catch up with the developing technology and product variety and to fulfill the demands of the customers completely and on time. In our knitting facility, two yarns, three yarns, single jersey, lacoste, interlock, rib and camisole etc. As a fabric, approximately 13 tons of daily production is made with our 50 knitting machines.

Our dyehouse, which includes dyeing, bleaching and washing processes, with a daily production capacity of 20 tons, started production in 2008 in order to develop the product and customer portfolio in line with our mission and vision and to meet the demands in a separate quality standard.

Adopting the respect for “human and environment” as a management approach, Beydağ Textile aims to produce environmentally friendly fabrics and take environmental responsibilities, directly and through corporate supply chains, in order to protect interconnected climate change, environmental challenges, water, energy and biological diversity around the world. will continue to follow the process.